Who Can Understand Implication of Sri Krishna’s Teachings?

Srimad Bhagavad Gita is universally adored name and scripture. It is commonly known to everyone across the globe. But the difficulty is, there are thousands of commentaries on the Gita, and in these commentaries the commentators have expressed their own views. They all have different views and ordinary people are confused about the actual message of Srimad Bhagavad Gita.The speaker of the Gita is the Supreme Lord, Sri Krishna. Only those who have entered into the heart of Sri Krishna can understand the real implication and significance of His sayings and the purpose of His speech and advice. Outside people cannot understand.

In India, and outside India, you will find many people who say—We do not believe Krishna is Supreme Lord because He took birth and, therefore, He was a human being. He may have many powers, perhaps even superhuman powers. He may even be a great politician, a great diplomat. But He is still only a human being.

Even those who have gone through the Gita may also speak like this. It is most astounding. When I ask them—Have you gone through the Gita? The reply is—Oh, yes.

I ask them—How! If you have gone through the Gita, then you should accept the teachings of the Gita.

Supreme Lord Sri Krishna mentions in Srimad Bhagavad Gita (7.7) –There is nothing superior to Me.

With emphasis, Sri Krishna says that He is the Supreme Lord. We read the Gita, but we do not believe the teachings of Supreme Lord Sri Krishna. Why is this? He also says in the Gita (9.24)—I am the only Master and the only Enjoyer of all yajnas (sacrifices).

There are many verses in Srimad Bhagavad Gita substantiating Sri Krishna as Supreme Lord.

In the Gita (10.8), He says—I am the cause of all creation, the origin of all the things.

In verse (14.27), He says—I am the cause of the impersonal formless God (Brahm). That impersonal, formless God is the halo of own light of Sri Krishna, emanating from Sri Krishna Himself. And so on.

Sri Krishna is the Supreme Lord. How can we know the Supreme Lord? Without His grace, no one can know Him. If anybody says—Yes. I can know Him, then he will be equal to or greater than the Supreme Lord. But the Supreme Lord, Infinite and Absolute, is One. Nothing can be outside the Infinite. If you say—This flower is outside the Infinite, then the Infinite becomes finite. Even particle of dust cannot be outside the Infinite, or the Absolute will lose His position. The Absolute is One. The only way to get Him is to take absolute shelter at His Lotus Feet and to act according to His will. There is no other way to get Him except by means of exclusive, pure devotion.

Therefore, only those who have surrendered to Sri Krishna, who have access to the heart of Sri Krishna, can understand the implication and significance of His teachings. Those without knowledge of Sri Krishna, who have not submitted to Sri Krishna, how can they know. They may write many commentaries, but they cannot comprehend the actual significance of the teachings of Sri Krishna.

Even Sri Arjuna took the shelter unto Sri Krishna, means he also surrendered unto Sri Krishna, before he was imparted with this divine knowledge. He says in the Gita (2.7)—I have lost my natural valour. I am bewildered and cannot ascertain what is right and what is wrong. I submit to you. I am your disciple. Please advise me regarding my eternal welfare.

From the lectures of His Divine Grace Srila Bhakti Ballabh Tirtha Goswami Maharaj